Six Foot Track

March 28, 2009 by 1stwilloughbyscouts

Six Foot Track was a new activity, that none of us had ever been on before as it was a hike that we were invited to do by 1st Northbridge. We went as one patrol and did the easiest part of the real Six Foot Track. It was a good starting hike for one member of our group who was hiking for her first time. We hiked through fields, climbed over fences, treked through the bush and walked across a bridge, before we managed to get to our camping spot. The spot which was away from leaders, Northbridge and anybody else. It was just our little 1st Willoughby campsite. We set up tents and started dinner and had fun talking around the campfire. We then slept and woke up to then leave after Northbridge, scramble up rocks, hike through the bush, pass Northbridge, have a rest stop, Northbridge pass us before we then hiked passed them, and another Northbridge group. We stopped to have lunch before then hiking on through the fields again and arriving at the same place we started the day before. It was loads of fun, with lots of memories. enjoyment and songs related to it.

Becky Evans- Scout


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