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Owls Patrol

Oli's Patrol


Tassi Tigers

Tassi Tigers

Initially Scouthike is really what it is called, a hike for scouts. But there is more detail in what happens at scouthike. You arrive at the campsite at nighttime and have to set up tents in the dark. Once you have finished struggling to see what you are doing and deal with the fact that your hands are cold you go to bed and sleep for the night. In the morning, you have breakfast, pack up the tents and other gear and then go to the weigh in. You get weighed with and without your pack, if you have a 1/5 of your body weight in your pack then you are the right weight and you gain more points, if not you can try and spread out the weight through the patrol or just accept not getting anymore points. You then set off to go around to bases and complete them to gain points. Going to bases throughout the day you have fun while gaining points through, teamwork, planning, leadership and creativity. Arriving at your sleeping point, you set up tents and have a long rest before the next day, this means there is a lot of time to eat dinner, talk, and rest from walking before it is bed time again. The next morning is similar to the first, you weigh in then go off to complete bases again. But the only difference is that you arrive at the finish point, and at around lunchtime instead of at the sleeping point at around 4. The finish point is where all medals are awarded, for the best dressed and best base, and for the gold award winners. You can also catch up with others in your troop and have a talk.

As this was my third scouthike, I was very excited at the chance of being a P.L. (Patrol Leader), this meant I had more responsibility to lead my patrol correctly to each base and make sure that they were all okay and having fun. The best part of scouthike is doing the bases. My experiences of scouthike have been fun, exciting, scary, interesting, entreginging, amazing and stressful with all the things to do in only 2 days.
Becky Evans – Scout

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