Cubs 2008 Report

May 9, 2009 by 1stwilloughbyscouts


It has been a huge year of growth for Cubs. During 2008 we reached 31 Cubs and found ourselves running two groups in parallel for part of the term. With a large number moving up to Scouts we are in a much more sustainable position with a waiting list of eight families. 1st Willoughby Cubs is very lucky to have the dedicated support of Chris Severn, Francis Feng and Simon Wong – fathers who assist each week in keeping the Tuesday night meeting together and making sure that each Cub gets as much individual assistance as possible.


It has been an exciting year of activities with the 100 Year of Scouting hike challenging many of our Cubs over several days away from home. Our Family Camp at Cataract was a hit despite some strong gusting winds and the complete demolition of one large tent. Regular trips to Sailors’ Bay boat shed, canoeing, fishing, cycling, rock climbing, orienteering in a cemetery, an Air Activity day and regular fires at the fire circle next to the hall have ensured a fun time for all. The highlight of the year for me however was watching the Cubs learn how to sew on a badge with several mothers and Grandparents particularly keen to pass on their knowledge and expertise.


After much hard work four of our Cubs (Jasmine D’Arcy, Alex Lan, Andrew Barker and Scott Barker) completed their Grey Wolf Awards before moving on to Scouts.

We enter 2009 with a great Cub pack as well as enthusiastic and responsible Sixers and Seconds.

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