Group 2008 Report

May 9, 2009 by 1stwilloughbyscouts

Group Leader Michael Clark. Assistant Group Leader Barbara Clark


A warm welcome to everyone. It is wonderful to see so many families being involved in the scouting movement and coming together for our combined Mother’s Day Celebration and AGM. Last year we celebrated 100 years of scouting in Australia. As part of the 100 year celebrations our group participated in a 100 Years: 100 Hours Event last year. Our Joeys, Cubs and Scouts participated in a very ambitious and successful Train / Ferry / bushwalking event with monies ($2,300) being raised for Camp Quality.

The strength of our group is due to the many committed leaders, group committee members and parent helpers, all of whom are parent volunteers whose children are either current or ex-scouts. In other words, all of US…..You!

During the last year we farewelled our Scout Leader, Hans Gerber who had prepared and taken our last Scout Group all the way to Jamboree, leaving them with a once in a lifetime experience. And we welcomed a number of trainee leaders.

I would like say a big thank you to our fully qualified and trainee leaders: Cynthia, Toni-Lee and Christine in Joeys; Jason, Chris, Simon and Francis in Cubs; Rob and Christina in Scouts for the extra-ordinary job they do. We only see a small portion of the effort they put in, and we would not have a functioning group without their generosity and dedication to our kids.

I would also like to thank Sam Wood, our Scout District Commissioner for his support during the past year, as well as the great support from Sydney North Region.

The life skills and experiences that our children gain from scouting are as relevant today as they were when the scouting movement started 100 years ago. This is reflected in our increasing numbers; last year the group had grown from 30 members to 69 members. We currently have more new Joeys, Cubs and Scouts banging on the door to get in…a wonderful new experience for us. And all we need are a few more people, just like you, to open the door for us by stepping forward to become leaders or join the group committee!

This year we want to prepare the group to extend the scouting experience to as many children as possible. We need a whole new batch of new leaders or associate leaders to participate and help us to continue the great work of our current leaders. We need you to pick up the baton and keep the group fresh and dynamic. We also need as many parents as possible to take on a role on the parent committee. No experience is necessary. We will tailor the role to suit your skills and availability. We are very flexible, and if you don’t have the skills we will even pay to train you! And for all of this, you get to participate in your own kids’ lives! How is that for a deal! Why should they have all the fun Abseiling, Gliding, Bushwalking, Camping or Diving.

You may have also noticed that there have been a number of physical changes to our hall. Apart from the general maintenance that has occurred during the year, we have also replaced the old ceiling with a new and acoustically more effective ceiling. Specific thanks must go to Stephen Richardson, another parent who not only gave generously of his own time, but used his contacts and resources to help stretch our dollar and deliver a wonderful result over the Christmas period…. We intend to do more work on the hall, with a new hot water system and new kitchen on our agenda for 2009.

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