Scouts 2008 Report

May 9, 2009 by 1stwilloughbyscouts

Rob Gallagher , Michael Clark, Christina Holder


The Scouts have had a very active year, participating in numerous camps such as District Camp at Kariong, State Rally at Cataract and the 100 hour hike with the cubs and Northbridge Scouts. In 2009 there has been summer camp over the Christmas holidays, Sirius Cup, Easter Camp and just recently Scout Hike.


1st Willoughby Scouts have participated in fundraising and community events such as the Laurelbank Anzac Day March, the Camp Quality fundraiser, Willoughby Council’s Australia Day ceremony and Clean Up Australia Day.

In 2009 part of our goal is preparing for Jamboree in 2010. Towards this end, the Scouts have been focused on achieving their badge and camping requirements, as well as being active with fundraising (Bunnings’ BBQ, Woollies trolley push and honey sales).

Favourite activities from our term programs have been indoor rock climbing, Halloween night, and canoeing with Sailors Bay.

Thanks go to all the parents for their support during the year and to their ongoing participation in 2009.

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